Informal Wetland Inspection/ Due Diligence Survey (Step 1)

Requests may be completed securely via credit card by using the drop-down feature and selecting “ADD TO CART”. Please provide a contact number in which to discuss the findings, and any other relevant information such as a short due-diligence period, prior wetland inspection history, limited access (fence/gate/occupied residence), or special requests.  Payment may also be sent via check remitted to the address below.  To receive a quote for properties in excess of 5 acres in size, please contact TEC. Questions? 239-455-6232 or Informal Wetland Inspections are non-binding, with findings and conclusions subject to verification by the regulatory agencies.


Total Acreage per Inspection/Report:
TEC shall release/discuss the report with the following only:
Party Authorizing for Services:
Once authorized, the environmental service can not be cancelled
Client/Agent Name,Number,Email
PID/Address and Relevant Info

FDEP Exemption Verification- (Step 2)

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) or South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) shall verify whether a proposed project will require special approval or permits prior to site development activities. This verification process (Step 2) generally follows completion of an informal wetland determination (Step 1) by the FDEP or SFWMD, private consultant, or local municipality, and may be required during agency review of a construction permit, or elective prior to the sale or purchase of a property. TEC shall generate a conceptual site plan for the project when a project specific site-specific plan is not available. When the process is requested by an entity that is not the owner (or agent of the owner), written consent via an ‘Agent Authorization Form’ will be required and sent via email.

FDEP (State) Exemption Verification
Authorized by:
Prior Inspection By TEC
Parcel ID, Name, Phone Number:
Special Comments:

Sub-surface Soil Assessment

Inspection of soil in areas of anticipated digging activities. Such activities may include septic drain-field construction and fill-removal. The assessment will be conducted sufficient to determine presence of limestone to a depth of 3′ below natural grade (natural elevation). Limited to inspection of two locations within the lot, provided normal field conditions exist allowing for general ease of access.

Soil Suitability Assessment
Once authorized, service cannot be cancelled
Sample Location, Instructions

State & Federal Wetland Permitting and Mitigation Plans

Please contact TEC to discuss the specific needs of your project and to obtain a ERP permit proposal.

Listed Species Surveys (USACE, State, Local)

Species surveys as part of a USACE wetland permit application review, local development order, or due-diligence survey. Please contact TEC to discuss the specific survey needs of your project and to obtain a proposal.

Water Use Permitting

Please contact TEC to discuss the specific needs of your project and to obtain a proposal.

Restoration Design and Management

Please contact TEC to discuss the specific needs of your project and to obtain a proposal.

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